Visitors Book


A big thank you for the lovely time we had. I loved the Hall and the way you show it, thoroughly lived in. (Oct 2020)

“Thank you for making our visit to your beautiful home extremely special. What an amazing privilege to be shown around by you personally and to learn some of the intimate history of your ancestry!” (Oct 2020)

”It was one of the most enjoyable visits I have made in six decades of country house ‘crawling’.  I bought the book and am continuing my enjoyment from the comfort of my home.”  (Sep 2020)

“Fantastic second visit … very entertaining tour by Lord Townshend … beautiful house with amazing views”

“Wonderful venue for our 2020 Drive, many thanks” (BDS NORFOLK in 2020)

“We can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our visit to Raynham on Wednesday. Your warm welcome together with your erudition made it one of the most memorable house visits we have ever made. We have known of the house for decades and now, thanks to your generosity, we have seen inside.  P.s. The Book arrived this morning!”   (Venus & Adonis 2019)

“What a glittering evening; I don’t think I have ever quite  experienced the transcendence of the baroque in a better way. So wonderful to see Rachel Podger  and to be with you … ”  in 2012.

“Thank you very much indeed for allowing me to bring my group to see Raynham on Wednesday. It is, I hope, entirely needless to say they loved it. As you will have noticed,  I had great difficulty dragging them away. It seems that my decision to move from visiting only gardens to include interesting houses as well is proving, unsurprisingly, popular and so I shall continue to develop this theme.  I had wanted to see Raynham for years and it seems that I am not alone. I was almost trampled in the stampede for places on this day and so I would love to return next year if you will allow me to.”

“What a perfect weekend to discover Raynham, lovely music, lovely weather, lovely hosts. Such a beautiful house and Park. Thank you”

“I had the great honour and pleasure to be given a wonderful insight to Raynham Hall and the works of William Kent … a truly amazing opportunity that I will treasure for many years.”

“Thank you so much for a fascinating and entertaining tour … “

“An amazing opportunity to visit this beautiful house … the history and stories are so interesting … thank you so much for the tour of your home.”

“Just got a copy of the book on Raynham Hall which is mind-blowingly beautiful from every point of view; text, photography, paper, print etc. Many congratulations.” (former Senior Director of Sotheby’s)

“What a spectacularly enjoyable evening … AND your book is fantastic – beautiful photographs and a very informative record of the interior and exterior – a real treat to have. Thank you.”

“A quick belated ‘thank you’ for such a wonderful evening yesterday. Those young singers were superb and the orchestra – especially the woodwinds – were fantastic! All-in-all an evening of pure musical joy.”

“It is proving very difficult for me to find words adequate to convey to you how wonderfully happy and restorative the evening was that I spent with you at Raynham last Saturday. The opera was a marvellous experience … the masterly performance of a 17th Century masque that is of a quality as great as anything that Purcell produced in that line. And the 17th Century glories of the Marble Hall at Raynham created a combination of quite extraordinary magnificence. The whole occasion did me a power of good; simultaneously distracting me from wondering how on earth I am going to overcome the emotion that I felt. An evening of unalloyed delight!” (Venus & Adonis 2019)

“There was much that was memorable on our week-long Kent tour … but the high point for me was our splendid dinner with you in your beautiful Raynham Hall. You were so kind and generous to welcome strangers in the most personal and charming way. It was good to see a Kent building that is a real home, and to dine with you was the icing on the cake! Thank you so much for a lovely and perfect evening.”

“What an evening! …  Stupendous. We absolutely loved it … you have a perfect setting for baroque music … the standard and sheer professionalism of these students is breathtaking. Thank you for such a wonderful evening.” (RAM Acis & Galatea 2017)

“A huge triumph!” My greatest pleasure these days is to hear young voices singing baroque music, accompanied by young brilliant musical players, in a grand but welcoming setting. Vigour, joy in performance, happy faces, eager and totally responsive to such excellent leadership. A superbly enjoyable and uplifting evening. Our guests were stunned by the quality and enchanted by the welcome from you and from all your lovely helpers. Thank thank you all and your Happy Band for giving us SUCH pleasure” (RAM Acis & Galatea)

“We adored the opera last night. It was fantastic and, if possible, surpassed last year. We loved Bonnie, but for all of us Polyphemus was “man of the match”. What a voice and we felt a real star in the making.” (RAM Acis & Galatea)