Come and Sing Carols in the Marble Hall on the 22nd December

We plan to move the piano into the Marble Hall and sing Carols just before Christmas. We say plan because it is perilously close to everyone’s carol services and unless we get 30 bookings we will have to call it off for economic reasons. So, if you long to do what all the professionals do – sing in this marvellous room which is deeply flattering to the voice – book now! Mulled cider before to get the voice going and a warm home made mince pie to take with you when you leave.

Wednesday, December 22nd at 6pm  You can book HERE. Needless to say, if we can’t go ahead everyone will get their money back in full so take a punt, book with confidence.

There are some costs, so we do have to charge a little: any excess will be donated to The Dog’s Trust

The recitals are held in what used to be the great hall of a late Jacobean house designed and built by Sir Roger Townshend with his Master Mason William Edge. Later paved in marble by William Kent and embellished in the C18th style, this room epitomises the dual spirit of Raynham Hall. Lofty, elegant and flooded with light it also has a clear but gentle resonance which is perfect for the intimate chamber music presented at the Raynham Recitals.

Come and share Sir Roger Pratt’s assessment of Raynham by booking tickets for the recital weekends in June and September, or the Royal Academy at Raynham annual performance in April. After you have enjoyed the harmonious experience in the Marble Hall, feed the inner man or woman with a supper picnic.

You can book supper places in the State Rooms but we are limited to 50 places in total. The Circle of Friends members are entitled to free places, normally £10 per person. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Bring your own complete picnic or choose from the menus on the website. The supper-in-a-box option @ £23 provided by Belinda Ellis is always delicious. Each box feeds one.

Enhance your evening even further with Raynham Champagne, on order or for sale on the night. Water is provided but please bring your own glasses.

If you are unable to attend the next recital but are interested in future recitals and would like to be on our mailing list for the formal invitation, please either click “Stay informed” or email us with your name, address and telephone numbers.

“Thanks for staging such an enjoyable recital this afternoon. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, having first sung with Michael in 1978, been friends with him ever since, and heard him sing in many fine places, none of which, however, eclipsed Raynham! I hope we’ll have a chance to come to another event, perhaps one of those with Michael’s proteges next year.”  Simon Littlewood