Raynham Hall


Raynham Hall by Michael Ridgdill
with a Foreword by John Julius Norwich

224 pages, lavishly illustrated throughout
Principal photography by Julius Beltrame
12 x 9.5 inches (30 x 24.5 cm)
Published 2018

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A house of national importance, which has hosted English monarchs and nobility from the Jacobean period to the present day, is making itself publicly accessible for the first time.

This is the first ever comprehensive survey of Raynham Hall which has been the seat of the politically and culturally significant Townshend family for nearly 400 years, and is one of the earliest examples of neo-Palladian architecture in England, boasting exquisite furniture and interiors redesigned by William Kent.

Covering the Hall’s place in British social history and its architectural evolution, this book will be of interest to history enthusiasts, as well as anyone who has ever admired the grandeur of a stately home

On the eve of its 400th anniversary, Raynham Hall is experiencing a renaissance. The present Marquess and Marchioness Townshend are breathing new life into this ancient family house, which has been passed down through generation after generation, and are sharing its treasures with the public for the first time.

As one of the earliest examples of neo-Palladian architecture in England, and with significant William Kent interiors, Ranham Hall is now the focal point of an entire book devoted to its evolution as a splendid country house and as the seat of one of England’s most important families.

This book serves as the first comprehensive survey of the house, its history, its evolution, and divulges the history of the Townshend family, whose impact on British politics has been felt since before the sixteen hundreds.

This book has been reviewed online by Mandy Littlefield in two sections: Part I and Part II

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