Making their Way


Making their Way by Mary-Anne Garry

Published 2023

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Mary-Anne Garry, who wrote about the 1st Viscount Townshend in her charming account called Horatio: Forward in the World, has just released this, her latest book, which is about his two younger sons, the brothers of Charles Townshend, the 2nd Viscount.

The book is called Making their Way and you might well add to that the words “in the world”. Horatio’s youngest son, also called Horatio, when still at school, wrote “I had better do something” in reference to his future life. The heir, Charles, would inherit all the Raynham estates and therefore the other two boys had to earn their own livings in whatever way they could. It is a fascinating and intimate tale of how Colonel Roger Townshend and young Horatio, the Levant merchant, both chose very different routes through life but were loyal to, and supportive of their family, both near and far.

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