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Saturday 24th September 2022 at 6.30 pm

The Oxford Bach Soloists

Accompanied by a small ensemble, four brilliant soloists will be performing Bach Cantatas in the intimate setting of the Marble Hall at Raynham. The Oxford Bach Soloists (OBS) is a Baroque ensemble whose ambition is to perform, in sequence, the complete canon of J. S. Bach’s vocal works over 12 years. Founded by Tom Hammond-Davies (Artistic Director) in 2015, OBS offers a unique musical experience that converges composer, performer, and audience.

The OBS mission  is distinctive and pioneering: while there have been many recordings and performances of the complete vocal works of J. S. Bach, no ensemble has ever mounted a cycle of performances in chronological order, programmed in real-time, and in the context for which they were conceived. OBS has set out to perform Bach’s works as he himself would have realised them with performers, instruments, and venues that echo the university and churches of Bach’s hometown of Leipzig. is a group which performs at prestigious venues and specialising in Bach.

At Raynham we will hear a part of this project which is to be particularly special; with a small choral and string ensemble, it has all the attractions of a private performance brought to Norfolk for the lovers of Bach’s music. Don’t miss it!

Thursday 22nd December 2022 at 6.00 pm

Come and Sing Carols!

If you have always loved carols and never get a proper chance to sing them, then this evening is for you. We have a piano in the Marble Hall, seating, sheets of carols and an enthusiastic core of attendees who range from the shy (and deeply nervous about opening their mouths despite loving the whole thing) to expert voices irresistibly drawn to deliver descants and harmony. It is enormous fun and a glorious way to get into the Christmas memories of your childhood. We will wet your whistles with mulled cider to start with and send you home with a crumbly home-made mince pie each.

We put this on for the first time last Christmas and despite it being set up at the very last minute, we had a good crowd who attended and loved it. It really is Come and Sing Carols. No practice, no embarrassment, just joyous singing to tunes most people know. And a confidence boosting expert at the piano, vaguely trying to keep the whole thing on the rails.

Finally… you will be singing in the Marble Hall which has a fantastic acoustic and is deeply flattering to the voice. This is where we give concerts: where Emma Kirkby, Michael Chance, Julia Doyle, Hugh Cutting, The Gentlemen of St Johns, The Gesualdo Six, Alexander Chance, Stefanie True, The Royal Academy of Music, and The Royal College of Music have all sung to great acclaim.

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